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Dancing on Clouds

Make your wedding truly magical! Something your guests won’t stop talking about, with our dancing in the clouds service, giving that fairy tale setting as you have your very special first dance.
You will see how the dry ice cloud hugs the floor allowing you to dance in the clouds. The dry ice pellets that we use are made from food grade CO2 liquid which is non-toxic and residue free.

The low lying fog effect lasts for the duration of the first dance with a thick pillow of pure white cloud right at your feet.
Dry ice does not just for have to be for the first dance, our wedding DJ can also use it at other times during your wedding day like walking up the aisle. It will look truly magical in the photos and video that you will look at many times and cherish for a lifetime.


Will this stunning smoke effect set off fire alarms?

The clouds stay low on the ground and do not rise much above your knee. Dancing on the clouds uses dry ice and dissipates in a matter of seconds. There are some venues in that will not allow this beautiful effect as they do not understand and think its a smoke machine! It definitely is not a smoke machine! but before you go booking this with us it is probably best to confirm this will be ok with your chosen wedding venue.
The pictures speak for themselves! You cannot argue that dancing in the clouds is a truly magical and beautiful effect, This is a must have for your wedding.

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